NFT Siren #002 HAGALAZ (coming soon to OpenSea and Rarible)

NFT Siren #002 HAGALAZ (coming soon to OpenSea and Rarible)
Inspired by Sensual nude sculpture, Greek Slave (1850) by Hugh Owen and Nicolaas Henneman.

Siren #002 Hagalaz

In Ancient Greece, slavery was common, and Aristotle had an interesting theory on the nature of slavery, calling it a natural phenomenon.

“People with superior reasoning powers would rule over those inferior in reasoning.” Reasoning [noun] is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

In a way, it brings us here; social slavery will always be part of our society. Desire to be accepted by society, fitting in into certain social groups, relationships, celebrities, government, and even our own emotions and our mindset. If someone in society does not fit the boxed mindset we are conditioned to fit, they are called odd, corky, weird, strange, etc.

We are slaves in many different ways, and most times not obvious to ourselves.

If we use stop and think about it, we can see examples of our “natural slavery” in our daily life.

Hagalaz means – hail, breal. Hagalaz is an external force that man cannot control. It entails destruction, but after it comes rejuvenation – it signifies that as a slave of our your routine, comfort, or a mindset, we can liberate ourselves,

Inspiration: Sensual nude sculpture, Greek Slave(1850) by Hugh Owen and Nicolaas Henneman. (MARBLE)

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