Single Woman


Being single changes woman.

She starts solving all her problems alone, not relying on anyone else… But the worst is, that she stops to believe that it could be any other way. Beware of a woman that got hurt. Her heart from that point on will beat steady and her eyes will not express any emotions. She stands out from the crowd, from now on she doesn’t need anybody and prefer to be alone…. She will never belong to anybody…. Beware of such woman, she will drive you insane with her smell and her self confidence, she will make you hysterical with her actions and her mystery, you will not be able to figure her out and that will make you lose your peace… You cannot trust. She plays with men, she says tender words but she does not mean them, and she is always the first one leaving. This kind of woman will never let you inside herself, she will not show her weakness or her fears, and when you ask a question “What are you thinking about?” she always replies “Nothing”. It is difficult to get a hold of her, quite often she turns her phone off or ignores calls, she will never call back and might not respond to your sms.

She never stands out from the crowd, she just DOSN’T NEED ANYBODY ANYMORE

Beware of this woman, even if she forgives – she will never forget


  1. akmerf says:

    …some men would still think she needs them and can’t live without them ) If she just wants to get to know more about them – for its own sake, or enjoy the game for some more time. But it all never means she is physically alone, surprisingly she is always a magnet for men and one day she will choose the one to be close for good, just because. But her happiness will be always inside her, not inside or near someone else ) And yes, she has the best memory, good analytical skills and arrowy tongue, lol))


    1. lina2286 says:

      Akmerf.. We r too similar… So true! You say it straight – no sugar coating ))) but so true! Physically sometimes wish to be alone…and so true about “magnet”… ))) right on! 👏 and after I “leave”… I have been called “madness”, “decease”, “thunder” etc…most say they cannot forget me… Like a thriving pain – u can live with it, but irritates because it’s there… But none makes my heart “skip a bit”… It still beats steady and brain still analyses everything… Heart is “frozen”❄️


      1. fremka says:

        yep, if we meet one day I would expect a lot of laugh and talks for hours ) I was called ‘a tram’ once but no, I don’t feel frozen, maybe even right the opposite I feel open and wish all the best for people I meet, I just can’t lose my head even when it comes to mistakes or very emotional stuff – in fact there is always a rational thinking behind. But the one who really can love you loves this feature in you and appreciates the fact you are close even if both understand you don’t need anyone. The one who will still make you lose a head – in fact will not cost that much and disappointment will come soon ) The one who leaves first (if) – most likely a coward )) If U R a woman of the kind you describe, I don’t believe you play with people or it can be like this on some early stage when you need to feel stronger if something bad happened before. But after that no, you’re too free to do anything bad to someone, you just don’t care that much, you truly enjoy life, not pretending to be happy, you are happy just because the sun is shining and you look damn cool today)) And happy heart can’t be frozen ) and you will always feel bad if someone is not honest with you or understands nothing about who you are, sometimes it still can hurt quite badly. But not likely this someone will understand why you don’t feel comfortable, much easier to find some more banal reason…
        BTW – what a nice dress in this pic ))


      2. lina2286 says:

        Thank you))))) I was thinking about your words… it is possible you are right… i do play a bit in beginning, it is like defense mechanism… but then i chose if i like that person too much or not… most times it burns off and comes to natural conclusion ))) rarely it keeps my mind occupied for too long… i get bored in a way… especially if other person (guy) is not continuing to educate himself and move up/keep me challenged…as soon as i figure him out – i lose attention for him. i dont know if i am happy… i thought i always was… but recently i start thinking what happiness really is? – i feel happy alone… but at same time that fear, stereotype and i guess ussr education that we “need somebody to give us water” -but what if i would not want water… or what if i am happy being alone… i love people, i am fascinated by life and all its forms… by relationship and dynamics between people… )))


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