Psykopaint app – discover an artist in you

Today i discover a new cool app for Mac users that love to paint but don’t  necessary have such skills. I am a regular mac user that sometimes get bored with usual photo effects and like to explore my options in app store.

Apps name is: Psykopaint

Basically you can take any image, drawing, photograph, and make it into a piece of art painting!

What i like about this app, is that you are actually involved in creating your art! It is not like the apps i tried before where you pick an image and then just push a button and it changes your image automatically, no. In this app you actually pick your brush (Monet brush strokes, Van Gogh brush strokes, etc.) and your style (impressionism, etc.) and than you “paint” your image piece by piece.

So here are some images i did:

The first image i took from Pinterest, created by Jennifer Healy, the second one was created by me in Psykopaint app.


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