Mixed media art: a multifaced aproach to creating unique works of art

Mixed media art – there are so many options to create an amazing piece of art with regular, every day items. It is kind of a great way to recycle and create at the same time.

Here is my first attempt of mixed media art, basically i used everything i had in my workshop.

myWPEdit Image

I used canvas. The girl is sketched with pencil size HB 6, i also used acrylic artist paint, 18k gold leafing pen, butterfly stickers (plastic and paper), the blue art piece was printed on the canvas with the printer ( in that area originally i decided to paint a girl, but it didn’t like it).

For me butterflies represent a lot! But in this particular piece butterflies represented a feeling that most of us get when we meet someone new and exciting, butterflies in the bottom of our tummy, and sometimes when we make decisions based on that exciting feeling – we regret it…

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